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Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation with your friend, and it takes a bit of an odd turn? And before you know it you’ve just half shouted “Can’t talk about fingernails in the freezer when no one will make eye contact with you!” in the middle of a silent coffee shop.

In that moment, you know, from the bottom of your heart, that although that was a perfectly legitimate thing to say in your conversation with your friend, no one who just heard you will ever believe you’re not in a cult.

A lot of people like to jot down snippets of conversations that got a little weird or sound hilarious out of context. I used to record them on the cover of my first journal, and I have friends who keep a detailed archive in the notes app on their phone.

The Brecon 2nd quote wall.

I live on the second floor of Brecon, and the people on my hall tend to hang out together a fair amount. Conversation topics can range from Arthurian literature to events on campus, but we often end up saying some pretty goofy things. Rather than keep this to ourselves, we took to recording them on a Quote Wall for the rest of the world to appreciate. We originally wrote them on a small white board my Customs Person had outside her door, but it filled up within a month.

So, my roommate created a new 3 foot-by-4 foot monstrosity to log our quotes. As a finishing touch, I donated the gnome-shaped crayons my grandmother sent me as a gag gift, and we tacked them up in a special gnome-pouch.

Our small collection of gnome crayons.








Gnome pouch.

I have included some of our more memorable quotes:

“I don’t like fruit. I’m a bad Californian.”

“Horses are measured in hands because that’s what they eat”

“Please, Mr. Doo is my father. Call me Scooby.”

“Hmm. I can’t remember if I’ve had any bad run-ins with the clergy…”

“I feel like this movie is not appropriate for a STEM major to watch, I am leaving.”

I did some exploring around campus and found a few more quote walls: in Merion and Rockefeller halls. I couldn’t tell you the context for any of these quotes, even the ones from Brecon, but they’re that much funnier because of it!

The Merion 4th quote wall.

The Rock 1st 1st quote wall.

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  1. Somewhere in my basement is a notebook where I recorded the year’s quote wall before moving on (freshman year, we wrote it right on the wall). This tradition goes back to at least 1984.

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