A Grand Tour of Library Wellness Centers

One of my classes this semester is a weekly seminar on the history of fascism. While the topics we cover in this class, are obviously quite heavy, it quickly became my favorite class.

However, after spending hours in the library this weekend doing research for my final paper for the class, I needed a mental health break.

Luckily, there was a shelf full of fidget toys for that exact purpose approximately six feet to my left. I selected a silicone push-pop sheet and took a walk through the stacks.

Look for these signs to find a wellness center!

You can find these throughout the libraries. To combat the stress of finals season, the libraries have arranged a series of “Intellectual Wellness Centers” that students can visit to take a break from studying and clear their heads.

The library client services coordinator Katie Surkin said, “We wanted to do this to give students some ways to rest and recharge while in the libraries. Especially during finals season, it can be so helpful to just take a quick break and do something fun or creative – like coloring or making a paper heart! Having options for people to do things together or separately was also really important to us since not everyone recharges in the same way.”

In addition to the Intellectual Wellness Centers, Pets in the Library will be returning on December 15th as a joint effort between the libraries and the health center.

And now, without further ado, the tour:


In Canaday you can find several small stations scattered throughout the library, and I have yet to discover them all. My favorite so far is the friendship bracelet station near the circulation desk. I’m glad they included instructions, too — I feel like I was the only kid who never learned how to make those. The games in The Lusty Cup are pretty great too; there’s nothing like a little Connect-4 to take me back to a better, simpler time (a time when I wasn’t writing a fifteen page paper on fascism).


The study space on the bottom floor of Carp has an entire wall full of relaxation BLAH: classics themed coloring pages, origami, plants, and fidget toys. This is the station I kept returning to while writing my paper, and it’s convinced me I need to buy some fidget toys for myself! There’s also an epic puzzle table in the computer lab.


Walking into Collier, you’ll find a room with activities spread on nearly every surface. There’s a puzzle station, coloring supplies, origami, and more!

(I’ll be real with you guys, I’m a political science major, I don’t go into Park. It took me three tries to figure out how to get to Collier.)

(The puzzles are pretty neat though.)

I’m wishing everyone the best of luck on their finals, and if you’re so inclined please comment your favorite wellness station below!